Group training

GROUP ( BUSINESS ) Firearm instruction and shooting courses ( including all associated services)

Instructors : Robert Berki , Miroslav Egermaier

Terms and Conditions: Gun license is not necessary

Length of course:

Price Depending on client requirement and will be agreed in writing , the actual price will send by  e -mail or by telephone

This is a firearm instruction and shooting course which has been developer with an emphasis on fun and as away raising awareness around the safe use of guns for the general public , corporate staff meetings and friends.

 Guess will arrive to the site by early afternoon.All  courses will be organised held by prior arrangement.

The aim of the course is firearm safety and the safe handling of weapons on the firing range and beyond, it will include repeat shooting techniques,  and shooting practice involving metal and paper targets.

After the course clients will visit a local club restaurant for free entertainment. Prior booking will help ensure  all food, including - cooked dishes , platters , barbecue piglets and legs will be available. There is also a local hostel with accommodation for up to twelve people.( 12 beds) The whole area is a private enclosed site and shooting range , with   amble vehicle parking


Sports střelniceVražkov No. 171, dist. Litoměřice

413 01 Vražkov