Individual training

Fundamentals of defense  SHOOTING

Instructors: Robert Berki, Miroslav Egermaier

Terms and Conditions: valid Gun license, a  private gun can be used  with agreement ZP (weapon rent)

Duration: 2-4 hours

Price: CZK 1500

Introductory course teaching system Střelecká-tactical training is focused mainly on the handover basic rifle "alphabet", getting to know our training methodology and building safety habits  as standard.

One benefit of this course is to teach  how and what to work on their own practice and how to increase its effectiveness. With at least two instructors  we can guaranteed an individual approach and a maximum level of security.

The course is suitable for both new gun license owner, as well as for anyone who carries a weapon for their own protection or in the  uniformed service s and wants to raise the level of their skills.

We will introduce shooting techiques and effective stance:  it is a shooting, standing, kneeling and lying down. Will be used as targets of metal drop targets, hanging metal targets (gongs), paper targets.

Contents of the course:

safe gun handling and safety habits while shooting

basic shooting techniques - holding, running, drawing the gun

attitudes suitable for defensive shooting


shooting from concealed carry and concealed carry weapons policy

the draw with the charge (charge outside the chamber)

detailed theory on defense and necessary legislative framework for this area in the Czech Republic, the principles of defense with a firearm, a discussion of your questions

theoretical lecture focused on selection of weapons, ammunition, holster and other equipment for the purpose of carrying concealed weapons

Equipment needed: weapon + min. two trays (one in the gun, one spare)

If you do not own a gun, after an agreement to lend directly to the range (fee charged) at least 100 to 200 pieces of ammunition can be purchased on the spot target and plugs are included in the course holster and magazine

suitable for concealed carry clothing (jacket, vest) resp. for different weather

Suitable footwear (open range)

Eye and ear protection (after the agreement to rent)

good health

Venue: Sports střelniceVražkov No. 171, dist. Litoměřice 13 01 Vražkov