Preparing for a Gun license


Instructors : Robert Berki , Miroslav Egermaier
Terms and Conditions: ZP is not a necessity
Duration: 3-5 hours
Price: CZK 2,500 / person .

This firearms training course is primarily aimed at those who want to apply for a gun license and candidates who want to improve their technique  under the expert guidance and supervision of highly trained professionals.. With at least two instructors are guaranteed an individual approach to each and the maximum level of security.

Contents of the course:

safe gun handling and safety habits while shooting

basic shooting techniques - hold, and lower

attitudes suitable for shooting

weapons disassembly , description of individual parts


shooting at 10 and 15 metres range as required during testing ZP

detailed theory on defense and necessary legislative framework for this area in the Czech Republic , the principles of defense with a firearm ,  and a discussion  with experts answering your  questions

theoretical lecture focused on the  selection of weapons , ammunition, holster and other equipment for the purpose of carrying concealed weapons

Equipment needed:

If you do not own a gun , after an agreement to lend directly to the range

Ammunition - the required amount of 50 to 100 pieces according to the agreement , can be purchased at the range

 target and plugs are included in the course

appropriate clothing

Suitable footwear (open range )

Eye and ear protection (after the agreement to rent )

good health


Sports střelniceVražkov No. 171, dist. Litoměřice

413 01 Vražkov

( After talking maybe a shooting range in Prague)